Meeting schedule June 2022 to May 2023

All meetings will be held in the Village Hall, unless otherwise agreed.

Full details will be given on the agenda


    8th    June              8:00pm            Regular Meeting

13th    July                8:00pm           Regular Meeting

August                                     No Meeting

14th    September    8:00pm              Regular Meeting

12th  October         8:00pm             Regular Meeting

9th    November    8:00pm             Regular Meeting

14th    December      7:00pm          Regular Meeting


11th   January   8:00pm       Regular Meeting (to be held at Newfold Farm Cafe due to temporary closure of the Village Hall)

8th    February      8:00pm               Regular Meeting

8th    March           8:00pm              Regular Meeting (to be held at Newfold Farm Cafe due to unavailability of the Village Hall)

12th   April            7:00pm              Regular Meeting

10th May                8:00pm              Council Annual Meeting

2022 Annual Parish Meeting

12th   April               8:00pm           Annual PARISH Meeting 

Extraordinary meetings may be held from time to time.

All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise stated on the agenda or moved as such during the meeting.

All meetings will be publicised on the Edale Parish Council web site and on the Parish Notice boards as appropriate.