2016-2017 Accounts.

Notice of date of commencement of period for the exercise of public rights 2016-17

Annual Return Governance statement 2016-17

Annual Return Accounting statement 2016-17

Edale Parish Council external audit 2016-17

Notice of conclusion of audit 2016-17

2015-2016 Accounts.

Annual Return published audited Year Ending 31_03_2016

Notice of conclusion of audit Year Ending 31_03_2016

Bank Reconciliation Year Ending 31_03_2016

Significant Variances Report Year Ending 31_03_2016

Expenditure greater than £100 Year Ending 31_03_2016

Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

Policies and Procedures.

Risk Management policy

Risk Assessment

Policy for engaging with the planning system

Members Allowance Scheme

Mileage Allowance Rates

Code of Conduct and dispensations

Lone Working Procedure

FoI Publication Scheme and Transparency Code

Data Protection Policy

Internal Control System Statement

Appendix A HPBC Recording of Council Meetings

Appendic B Transparency_Code_for_Smaller_Authorities

Edale Parish Common Land

Edale Parish Council Record of Common land

Council representatives to Outside bodies

Council representative to Edale Charities:
Cllr. C. Gilbert.

Council representative to the Edale Village Hall Committee:
Cllr. C. Gilbert.

Council representative to Hope Cement Liaison Committee:
Cllr. A Favell.
Cllr. C. Gilbert.